Itchy labia not just a worried woman. This feeling speaks about the problems that need to be addressed. These problems may lie in one of two areas: personal hygiene and health.

Personal hygiene

If a woman is not tempted every day, takes too long to change tampons or pads during menstruation, itching in the labia it provided. Therefore, the first thing to do in this case is to begin to pay more vnimanja hygiene procedures. But sometimes it hygiene cause discomfort. Soap, sanitary pads every day or even water can cause an allergic reaction in the form of itching, in this case, you need to choose other hygienic products, and water for cleaning use only boiled.

The cause itching can be synthetic or too tight underwear. To avoid such problems, it should be comfortable and sewn from natural fabrics.


If neglect of personal hygiene there is no question, itching in the labia can be a symptom of the disease.

One of these diseases, vaginal candidiasis, popularly known as "thrush". In fact, this overgrowth of the vagina, the probability of which increases if the woman has recently had an infectious disease (at least ARI), especially if she was treated with antibiotics. Itching in the labia may appear earlier than is typical for this disease allocation, and need to go to the gynecologist without waiting for them. The doctor will prescribe medications in order to cope with the disease for several days.

For itching in labia can stand hormonal disorders, including such severe disease like diabetes. Need to do a blood test for sugar, and if the level it will be at least a 5.5, you will have to visit endocrinologist. Timely treatment to the doctor will allow you to catch the disease at the stage of pre-diabetes, and not to develop actual diabetes. However, even with a normal level of sugar visit to an endocrinologist can't hurt, because itching can indicate other hormonal disorders, for example, the impaired function of the thyroid gland.

The reason for the itching may be kidney disease or bladder, so you need to make a urinalysis and to contact physician, if necessary, he will give direction to a nephrologist.

Another possible cause of itching is a sexually transmitted disease. An accurate diagnosis can only be a doctor-venerologist, and appeal to him for sure, even if other symptoms are not present.

Leave itchy labia unattended. If the adjustment of care of this part of the body does not get rid of it, then you must consult a doctor. Self-medication in these cases is unacceptable.