Why you should start

It is important to understand that orgasm in girls is not only physiological in nature but also psychological. So to start is to ensure that nothing prevented her to have fun. Create an environment in which she can truly relax.

Start with foreplay. Leisurely kiss, touch: you have to make sure that she is ready, don't get too hasty.

A great way to please a partner is a cunnilingus. Be gentle and attentive. Young people often do not understand very well how sensitive the clitoris of the girl. Trying to please her, they are too passionate or energetic. This leads to the fact that the girl is pleasant sensations gets pain or discomfort in the most intimate and sensitive parts of your body. Then she convinces you that doesn't like it when she's trying to get oral pleasure, and the traditional sex is something that suits her a lot more, just because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

In fact, done properly, cunnilingus is a guarantee of orgasm, and he comes very quickly, literally within 2-5 minutes. Try to learn more about how to caress the clitoris, and be extremely gentle and careful in their attempts. At least you should start with extreme tenderness. If a girl wants tougher caress the clitoris, she will let you know.

Equally effective ways

If you master foreplay pleasures, but looking for something new, but try during sex to show their emotions. We tend to think that the girl should moan in sex, and that's fine. Otherwise, oddly. But the man – no, better let them shut, otherwise he would be considered unmanly. Feel free to show how you love to be with her. Believe me, this not only excites men.

Try to tell her during sex, something enjoyable. If your meeting soft and tender, and also better say something relevant. But during a wild and unbridled fun you can afford, and more hard words. Of course, this does not work with all. Try it and see how she reacts.

Anyway, a bit of madness does not hurt. Surely your girlfriend wouldn't mind it rough, within reasonable limits, of course, but it should be something that'll make her head of all other thoughts! Spanking or biting may be the way. But don't be shy to ask her if she likes it, otherwise you risk to deprive her of pleasure.