The social network "domestic production"

Here are the most popular among these resources.

"Classmates". Website address – The original idea of this website is to unite people who once studied together at school, classmates. Today this social network somehow so much more love people aged 35-40 years and more than youth. A favorite website of Housewives and mothers on maternity leave, and millions of "advanced" seniors, who have mastered the handling of the computer and the wisdom of the Internet for eight years, holds the position of one of the most popular in Russia and many countries of the Commonwealth social network.

"VKontakte". Website address – This social network is simple to primitive interface, ease of use, not only for users to communicate and publish their personal news, but as phylogenesis. So, plenty of videos and music content daily uploaded by users "Vkontakte" on the disk space of this site to "not lose", to show friends etc.

If the "Classmates" I prefer older people, the majority of the audience "Vkontakte" age is just less than 35 years. It is a social network for young people, students and high school students, and young professionals of various kinds.

"My world". Website address - This by-product not of the successful website-search engine However, social network "My world" to the creators of the resource is also not particularly successful: its audience is blurred, the interface is not the most convenient and simple for users. Social network is ill-suited for communication, replete with spam, advertising, or other networked "garbage".

About the rest of the "native Russian" social media is not to say that their success is somehow comparable to the popularity of the above three sites. However, there is, in addition to the "Classmates", "Vkontakte" and "My world", many such resources with a specific focus. For example, the social network for work and business "Professionals.<url>. The size of her audience, of course, a thousand times smaller than the three top social networks.

Foreign social network

In Russia from "foreign" social media really caught on today, only one – Facebook. Not a very user friendly interface, but it is possible to communicate not only with Russian-speaking audience, but also almost the whole world! This is its huge advantage over the "Classmates" and "Vkontakte".

Also, now Google is actively developing its own social network Google+. However, Russian-speaking users yet few have mastered this innovative resource, which, however, convenient ability to combine your account profile on the website YouTube.