What is indicated by pain under the ribs on the right

Pain in the right upper quadrant can be a symptom of various diseases of liver, gall bladder, right lung, intestine, right kidney, adrenal gland, pancreas. And this is not a complete list of possible causes. To pain in this area can also cause trauma, injuries, some diseases of the nervous system, osteochondrosis in the thoracic spine, etc. So the doctor could make a correct diagnosis, the patient must accurately describe the sensation of pain, its localization and circumstances of this case. You also need to be examined and tested.

Very severe pain attacks in the right part of the torso below the ribs, often radiating to the groin, may indicate renal colic. As a rule, in this case, the pain covers the rear part of the body, but sometimes the front. Then an inexperienced doctor might confuse attack of renal colic with appendicitis. When inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) pain is usually "girding", with the same intensity.

Aching, dull pain in the front under the ribs may indicate liver disease. As a rule, such diseases are accompanied by yellowing of the skin and eyeballs. And in the gall bladder is a sharp pain localized by "spoon", but may radiate to the right shoulder blade. If we are talking about pneumonia, the pain increases when inhaling or coughing. Additional symptoms of pneumonia – fever, weakness, manifestations of General intoxication.

Pain under the right ribs can also be caused by diseases of the intestine, for example, enterocolitis. In any case, don't heat the area where you feel pain. Don't take painkillers as this will make diagnosis difficult. You should also refrain from physical activity, it is better not to be on bed rest. In any case, do not take choleretic drugs without prescription, as this may exacerbate the disease associated with the gallbladder.

Does pain in the right upper quadrant in a healthy person

Even perfectly healthy people can experience pain under the right ribs. This can happen if the person suffered significant physical loads, usually uncharacteristic. Or pain may occur during sharp turns, slopes, causing the internal organs in contact with the ribs.