Intake of alcohol after encoding

Drugs used in coding of alcohol-dependent people, affect the body's ability to take alcoholic beverages and to process them. After the introduction of medications the patient is requested to drink small amounts of vodka to feel the effect of the procedure.
In some cases, patients do not try to consumed a dose of alcohol, but the doctor reports the presence of side effects, possible with the use of alcohol after the procedure of coding.

Among the consequences that occur after drinking alcohol during the period of action of the drug, there are severe nausea or vomiting, dyspnea, increased blood pressure, tachycardia and palpitations, allergic reactions and rashes. These symptoms may be accompanied by severe headaches, weakness, neurological disorders (e.g., tremor). The deterioration is long term and can create serious consequences for the patient. The reaction can occur not only after receiving the vodka, but also in the use of other alcoholic beverages.

The degree of rejection of alcohol may be an individual or even not occur in some patients. A lot depends on the type of injected medication and its effectiveness in the treatment of a particular patient. The reaction depends on the physical condition of the patient, age, presence of cardiovascular diseases.
In some cases after drinking alcohol in the company of encoding may require calling a doctor for further hospitalization.

Types of drugs

Among the most famous medications notes "Esperal", "Disulfiram", "torpedo", the "MCPFE", "Vitamers", "Echoplex", "Alaminol". Some hospitals offer to do hypnosis, which, however, does not always help in the treatment of addiction. Each of these drugs affects the body by alcohol use. For example, "torpedo" is based on the use of drugs incompatible with alcohol. After drinking, the patient is called reaction, which is close to fatal condition. Drugs MST, NIT and SIT can cause respiratory failure or convulsions in a patient. "Espiral" is distinguished by its relatively mild effect, but causes aversion to alcohol.

Durability of effect coding

Despite the prevalence of methods of medical coding, they will still be based on the psychological factor. The action of many drugs ends after some time (a few weeks), but the person remains convinced that the drug is still valid. Thus, many drugs to treat alcoholism are considered as placebo and no serious changes in the body does not make. However, all these drugs have a wide range of contraindications to consider before zakodirovatsia.