Copper and wool in two sides one Union

Date of the seventh anniversary of the joint family life is called a copper wedding. This name was chosen by chance. Copper is quite a strong metal. Therefore, this definition represents the strength of the relationship between the spouses, their ability to work together to overcome the difficulties and troubles, solve important life issues, but, more importantly, constantly encourage each other, to give love and affection to your better half.

Another name of this wedding – wool. Wool, in contrast to copper, soft, warm and cozy. So, and the relationship of the spouses, undergoing various changes, be tolerant and gentle, with ends lapping between husband and wife. They feel in one piece, durable and unbreakable. While in respect to her lover is dominated by care and infinite tenderness.

Relationship year after year evolyutsioniruet. If in the first years of marriage celebrated paper, linen and wood wedding, seven years later comes the turn of metal. Of course, copper, base metals. But this is a more durable material than wood or fabric. So a seventh anniversary is a major step on the way to silver and Golden weddings.

What to give for seventh anniversary of marriage

Anniversary of marriage – a family holiday. Hence, the gift should be a family, shared. For such celebrations, the ideal option is considered to be utensils. Do not forget that when choosing cookware, you must stop your choice on copper products. You can find trays or platters made of this material. As decor perfect copper cups or vases. Note the copper samovars. Such a gift not just will be original and unusual, it carries a hidden meaning – a call to unite the whole family for a Cup of tea.

Another interesting gift – a brass horseshoe. According to popular belief – she calls into the house luck and prosperity. Copper candle holders with scented candles – the perfect gift for spouses, which will set them in a romantic mood.

Remembering that the anniversary not only copper, but also of wool, pay attention to products made of this material. Beautiful warm blanket, fancy wool Slippers, matching scarves for the husband and wife are just a small list of gifts that will appeal to a large number of people.

Husband and wife also congratulate each other with this important date. However, according to tradition, a man buys your favorite copper jewelry, and she knits her chosen wool socks, sweater or other article.