When you use the services of the company Railways often need to communicate with employees to clarify certain information, plan their route, filing complaints against officers, and for other purposes. If you have any permanent difficulty awaiting response operators, a variety of different rooms that you had to call repeatedly, at the present time the company operates the Unified information and service centre. To reach the specified OU is possible by multichannel phone 8-800-775-00-00. The call is free to any region of the Russian Federation.

Why to use information service center?

In the information service centre of Russian Railways you can quickly find all necessary information, including clarification of the timetable of any change, the details of the reservation and purchase of tickets, terms of service. When poor-quality provision of transportation services also is a preliminary call at the number listed above to the company because the operator will advise passengers on how to proceed. The firm contains a huge number of operators, so the answers to all your questions can be obtained as simply and efficiently. That is why many people choose this method of communication with this carrier.

How to call specific units of Railways?

Some customers need to contact the specific structural subdivision of Russian Railways. In this case, the use of Single information and service center is also possible since the operator must connect with the appropriate Department or office will provide information about the desired phone number. In addition, there is separate help for the phone numbers where you can specify data for a specific employee. To call help on phone numbers of Russian Railways by phone 8-499-262-99-01. The services of this unit it is recommended to use on special occasions because it is usually much easier, faster and cheaper to reach a Unified information and service center. In addition, the company offers multiple methods of communication-related direction written applications to the Internet, the use of which not a high speed, but is suitable for some passengers.