Possible complications

If you get an infection there is a possibility of contamination as the brain and other organs. The infection can be very hard postponed due to the weakening of the immune system and stress, which seriously hampers the processes occurring in the body. As a rule, for the treatment of infections antibiotics are prescribed.

In the postoperative recovery period there is a high likelihood of blood clots, which can lead to obstruction of blood flow or even blockage of arteries that can cause death. Also, patients undergoing rehabilitation, there is a neurological disorder caused by swelling of brain tissue. There is a risk of long-term disorders, hemorrhage, convulsions.


The recovery procedure after craniotomy may vary depending on the type of the operation and physical condition of the patient. Usually after trepanation of the patient is tried too long to hold in the hospital and stabilized to go home to recover quicker life rhythm. A long stay in the hospital does not give the immune system to get stronger, which leads to increased risk of infection in hospital or after discharge.

After the operation the patient is transferred to the chamber, which produces a constant monitoring of his condition. After getting rid of the anesthesia breathing tube is extracted, and then the patient is sent to the Department of neurology and intensive care for further monitoring, the term of which does not exceed 2 weeks. In this period, to carry a maximum of a sedentary lifestyle, try to do as little as possible movements.
Every day you need to gradually return to your normal daily routine. All activities will be accompanied by constant fatigue that is usual for patients who had a craniotomy.

After discharge, you should drink all of the medicine prescribed by the doctor, you do not need to exceed or, on the contrary, lowers the dosage without consulting with your doctor. The patient is prohibited to drive, to perform any physical and mental activity, to perform the exercise until, until the doctor gives permission. Violation of the instructions of a doctor may cause shortness of recovery and the appearance of unwanted side-effects in the future.

After the permission of the surgeon to start program early physical exercises, such as stretching of the neck and back. You should also take frequent walks in the fresh air, although initially their length should be minimal.
In no case can not drink alcohol.

At the time, the recovery process can last up to 4 weeks with the final deadline it will be possible to return to their usual work. Nevertheless, it will continue to take precautions until completion of the rehabilitation, which can last up to 3 months. Ignoring the doctor's instructions can lead to the above consequences, as well as to paralysis, loss of mental functions and irreversible brain damage.