If there burns hands, you should immediately stick your hands under running cold water. Then they must be treated with special sprays ("Vinizol", "Panthenol" and others). Then you need to see how badly burned palm. If there is only redness and small blisters, apply a healing ointment and wrap the hand with sterile bandages. If the burns are serious, then you need to go urgently to the hospital. To treat them at home is impossible.

Burn treatment (mild) folk remedies

Boil a small amount of vegetable oil and wax (ratio 2:1). In this mixture soak a clean cloth, put on the surface of the burn and then bandage the hand.

Take two leaves of aloe, wash them and dry. From one squeeze the juice directly on the surface of the blisters. From the second sheet, remove the jelly-like core. Cut it into small pieces and apply on the burn, and then gently bandage his hands.

Mix sea-buckthorn and pine oil in equal parts. The resulting mixture lubricate the skin surface of the palms several times a day. Along with this, use a poultice of raw potatoes. He first rubbed on a grater, then distributed throughout the burn and leave for 30-40 minutes. Then the wrap is removed and the hands washed carefully under running warm water.

Helps in the treatment of burns of the palms conventional welding. For its preparation you can use green or black tea. Need to take it in the amount of 2 tsp per 150 ml of boiling water. Then welding is cooled to a temperature of 13-14 ° C, take a sterile bandage, wetted and applied to the palms. It is important not to let them dry completely. To make compresses on the basis of welding is recommended 7-12 days.

Mix olive oil (1 tbsp) sour cream (2 tablespoons) and egg yolk. Brush with the mixture burn and bandage his hands. Change the dressing 1 time a day. Well if you burn the palms helps carrots it is rubbed on a grater, and then laid out for 30 minutes on the affected places.

What not to do when you burn your palms?

During home treatment, in no case do not open the blisters and do not pierce them with a needle. Such careless approach can lead to penetration of infection, which would complicate the patient's condition. If a blister burst on their own, then it should be treated with alcohol and then disinfected nail scissors to cut the excess skin. Then the palm must be lubricated liberally with vaseline and wrap.