On the activities of bookmakers are not subject to the territorial presence within dedicated play areas, so throughout the country there are huge number of such companies. If such a bookmaker refuses to pay the client won the money, the latter have few effective ways of responding. But the situation is significantly complicated if the client is dealing with an illegal company, which operates exclusively on the Internet.

Action on non-payment of winning real bookmaker

If the bookmaker operates under the current legislation, the process of getting the won money for their client is simplified. In accordance with Federal law No. 244-FZ, such activity may be carried out exclusively in buildings and objects of capital construction. In addition, she is licensed, the appropriate permissions are issued by the Federal tax service. Therefore, in this case, the most effective way will be forwarding complaint to the Prosecutor's office, Rospotrebnadzor, to the tax authorities. In addition, the customer always has the opportunity to file a statement of claim to the court to specific organization to collect their own winnings in order to comply with public regulations and existing documents.

Action on non-payment of winnings virtual bookmaker

The activities of such bookmakers is not legally allowed, so they operate illegally. Most often there is not even a specific legal entity on which it is possible to file a complaint or petition. That is why the possibility for gain or return of equity in this case is severely limited. The client may contest the transfer of funds, which he carried as a Deposit, if a particular method of enumeration allows you to do it.

You can also try to establish physical or legal person who has registered the domain name of the website, and then to appeal to law enforcement agencies. In some cases, the measures described provided rapid response lead to a refund, however the chances of such an outcome in collaboration with illegal betting office are minimal.