In summer you can walk in the parks of Moscow, to see a play at the theatre. Waiting for tourists circuses in the capital, ENEA, Dolphinarium, Red square and many other attractions.

If you come to Moscow in the summer, you can see it in all its glory. The capital is decorated with lush green trees, numerous colorful flower beds. At this time a pleasant stroll around the parks, of which many in Moscow.

Gorky Park

Pleasant walks can be combined with entertainment. This holiday offers everyone the Gorky Park. For several decades he daily opens its doors for residents and guests of this large metropolis.

It is interesting for people of all ages. Older people can stroll on a summer day in the shady alleys of the Park, to go to a cafe. It is a water bus where you can take a sightseeing tour of the capital.

The "Rocket" I love to ride not only adults but also children. In the heat to rest on the water is especially nice. But while children with parents went on a journey by speed boat on the Moscow river, they have to roll on the rides in Gorky Park. The most courageous will climb on the Ferris wheel and see from its height a large part of the city. Children love to ride on toy cars, ride.

Zoo. ENEA, the Red square in the summer

Summer interesting to visit the Moscow zoo. At this time you can see all the animals living here. Giraffes, elephants, tigers, hippos leave the winter shelter and spend the day in outdoor enclosures, where they enjoyed watching the campers.

It is impossible to come to the capital and not see its main attraction, Red square. Nice to walk not only on the cobblestones of the square, but at Alexander Park, to see the Tsar cannon, the Tsar bell.

ENEA will meet in summer, everyone cool of its fountains, shady avenues, numerous pavilions. At ENEA it is possible to spend the whole day. Kids can ride here in the rides, plenty to run around spacious squares. With adults, they will visit the famous pavilions.

Welcome visitors and 2 of the Moscow circus on the Colored Avenue and Vernadsky Prospekt. Kids waiting for a Puppet theater Area. In the Dolphinarium there is a pleasant coolness of the water and marine life are happy to amuse any visitor. They can take a picture.

In the hottest time of year in Moscow has numerous cafes, bars, restaurants where you can eat and relax during a pleasant stroll.

In the evening, visitors will find theaters, which are in the capital too very much. Nice walk on summer evenings the center of the capital, admire the neon lights of billboards, ride the subway and see the sights, which previously only read about in books.