Features of abortion at 12 weeks

As a rule, the artificial termination of pregnancy a women is at the 12 week inclusive, this period is critical. However, medical methods at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy will be ineffective, it is necessary to conduct medical (classic) abortion. The essence of the operation consists in the expansion of the cervix using special instruments and the scraping of the ovum together with the placenta and the endometrium. After surgery on the uterus appears damaged area (scar), who will never recover.

As a rule, the risk of adverse consequences during an abortion increases with gestational age. Because at 12 weeks the fetus has already formed all the vital organs and systems. In this period there is a significant increase in the size of the uterus, increased blood volume and hormonal changes women.

Possible complications of abortion for a longer period

Sometimes the sudden interruption of pregnancy in late first trimester is fraught with serious complications. Some may be caused by failure of hormonal background, which may cause menstrual disorders for a long time.

Surgical intervention threatens to damage of the cervix, as the 12 week of pregnancy, you need an artificial extension. Especially adversely it affects nulliparous women.

The worst consequence of abortion for a longer period may be puncture of the uterine wall. Such trauma can cause severe bleeding, damage to internal organs and peritonitis (inflammation of peritoneum). In this case the inevitable surgical treatment, including amputation of the uterus. Such an outcome, the woman permanently loses its most important function. That's why abortion for a longer period is very dangerous.

Termination of pregnancy after 12 weeks

Abortion after 12 weeks pregnancy is highly undesirable operation that must by all means to avoid. In that period of interruption of pregnancy at a woman's request is not carried out. In this case, to abortion requires serious medical and social indications. If the decision is made, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist and conduct appropriate tests that will help to terminate the pregnancy with minimal consequences.