To identify whether a person is a father, it is necessary to compare its DNA fragment and the DNA fragment of the child. Children receive equal amounts of DNA from father and mother. The accuracy of the result estimated at the 99.9%. This will depend on the number of investigated biological material and its nature. In humans, there are DNA fragments that are isolated and individual, they make people different from each other.
In the event of litigation, the result of the DNA analysis is conclusive proof, if it was carried out in accordance with all state standards and its accuracy is not less than 99,75%.

How much is the examination

The cost of this service will vary depending on the complexity of the analysis, the number of participants, and the number of loci (fragments) of DNA that was subjected to comparison. Sometimes it is necessary to explore unconventional biological material (nails, hair, blood stains), it increases the cost of analysis. A simple DNA test costs about 13 thousand rubles.

Sometimes establishing paternity is required in prenatal period. In this case, the mother gives permission for the sampling of biological material to the unborn child. The cost of such examination is much higher, ranging from 55 thousand rubles.

Sometimes alleged fathers refused to hand over material to analyze. Therefore resort to another method of establishing paternity. Here the participation of next-of-kin men. Their DNA establishes kinship. Cost of such test will be about 14 thousand rubles. Need to compare a large number of DNA fragments to give an accurate result. Time genetic examination is 10-12 working days.
Genetic examination is a fairly complicated procedure in psychological terms for both sides (father and child) and requires significant financial investment.

Federation of judicial experts

To analyze DNA, it is necessary to apply to the Federation of judicial experts. Laboratories of this organization are located in each region. Biological material harvested from the inside of your cheek with a cotton swab. This method is recognized as the most hygienic, easy, painless. It does not require the presence of medical personnel. Biological material collected on two cotton swabs. She needs to hold on the inside of the cheek about 20 times. All the tests are carefully Packed with witnesses and sealed. Not a valid substitution samples or autopsy without the knowledge of the experts. All the information on the genetic examination documented.