Advice 1: How to make hairstyle for a haircut Kare

Many believe that the short hair, namely to square, make a fashionable hairstyle impossible. In fact, on hair of this length can create lots of different, very beautiful hair, spending minimum of your time. This does not necessarily possess the skills of a hairdresser.
The master appeared many centuries ago. It happened in ancient Egypt. And it was then men-only. Women showed interest in this haircut only in 20-ies of XX century. Today it is recognized as one of the most popular haircuts among the fair half of mankind, as the caret looks great on almost all face types. This option haircuts and choose a business lady, and girls who give their preference to exclusively a light romantic images.

Curls for quads

Curls for quads is able to make the way easy and romantic. With the help of curls, depending on their species can create both ultramodern and image in retro style.

Curls effect Perm

To make this hairstyle, you need to prepare pins, scrunchies and hairspray, then you can begin to create it. To do this, comb through washed and dried hair, then divide them into equal strands, each of which is neatly wrap the pin and secure with a rubber band. Once all the strands are wound, just spray them with varnish and leave for two hours, after which unwind studs and fingers give the hair a finished appearance, do not forget to use wax or special wax for the hair.

Big curls

To make the big curls at the caret is a snap. To do this, wash your hair and dry them with a towel. Then on slightly damp hair, apply mousse and roll them on large curlers. Dry the hair and remove the rollers. Separating the strands with your hands, lock the resulting curls varnish.

The effect of wet hair

To create this effect apply to damp hair foam and model the hair, then dry it with a Hairdryer. If your hair is curly by nature, then use a hair dryer optional.

Greek hairstyle on quads

On quads you can also make and fashion Greek hairstyle. You need to comb your hair and wear a head bandage. If you have bangs, gather it with elastic band is not necessary. Cover the bandage with bangs, if it isn't, divide the hair into a smooth parting and only then put on the bandage. Now you need to gently comb the hair so that the blindfold was off.

Separate a small section and twist it under the bandage. Thus you will need to do the following strand, and so on until the middle of the head. The second part of the hair in the same way as the first, laid under the gum. Hairstyle is ready, fix it with varnish.

How to make a volume of Kare

To give the hairstyle volume is possible using the conventional Hairdryer. To do this, pry up the round brush a single strand at the root and dry it with a Hairdryer. The same must be done with all the strands. But remember, the air must not be too hot. Otherwise, you will desiccate their hair.

Advice 2: How to make hair Kare

Hairstyle Kare - one of the oldest hairstyles, as it was worn by famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. In Ancient Egypt, this haircut was also popular with priests. Currently, Kara is recognized as a very convenient haircut because it is suitable for all walks of life.

Haircut caret

In order to make the caret does not have to go to a salon. Steady hand, sharp scissors, confidence is all you need. Clipper hair must be clean and moist: wash them with good shampoo and conditioner. Divide the head into seven main areas: the left temporal, right temporal, anterior Central (located between the temporal areas), left side of head, right side head, left side of nape, right side of the head. You must first cut the desired length hairstyle.

Traditional Kare ends just below the chin, but may be longer or shorter. Should accesati from a selected zone, the strand is one to three inches wide and cut. The shears during trimming to keep parallel to the floor. Not too to pull the hair: the result should be natural. First, trimmed the front area, then the occipital. In order to make the hair everywhere was the same, you should use a long comb or a ruler. The front Central area of hair (frontal) trimmed last. After the haircut is complete, dry the hair. Use tongs or straighteners to make the hair straight and smooth.

Haircut caret looks neat, elegant and stylish. It is the basis for prolonged, graded, ripped and other types of punishment.

Laying an elongated square with bangs

Before performing styling spray hair various means: thermal protection, hair cream, mousse for hair. You can choose one or the other. Styling starts with a Bang: over the entire length blow it with a Hairdryer. Then curl the Bang to the roots at the round comb. Hold the dryer above the comb. Then lay the back of the hair. Top and bottom hair to separate clip-clip, lay the strands with round brush and Hairdryer. Side areas lay in the same way, twirling them on the comb. The hair is twisted inside. You should move from the bottom strand to the top. To too long strands of spun, use as locking pins or Bobby pins. "Skeletal comb, use for lifting and laying the hair at the roots, creating volume.

Laying graded caret

Graduated caret can be laid also with a round brush and dryer, but the strands should be spinning outward, not inward. You also need to use the pad. So first, apply to clean hair foam along the entire length. Then highlight a small section of hair, and the other remove the hairpin clip. A dedicated strand twist the flat iron upwards and fix it with varnish. The same procedure repeat with each strand on your head. At the end spray the hair with hairspray.
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