Advice 1: How to dye dark brown hair

Every shade of hair is beautiful in its own way and gives its wearer a unique charm. Blonde curls are different natural look and blend perfectly with the image of the average women in the European latitudes.

Features of this hair type

The above color relates to the bright chestnut tones. It emphasizes natural beauty and impressive looks great with both straight strands and curly. Brown hair are most types of externalities. They look unobtrusive, rather, shading the overall visual appearance, what caught my eye with its brightness. However, dark-skinned girls should be wary of this color - it can blend in with the skin instead of beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the sun.

Brown hair look great when they are healthy and shiny. However, dry and damaged locks this color will make it even more dull and inconspicuous. Remember that natural blonde hair, usually are thin and tend to change the natural colour under the influence of various factors. So you should approach the issue of painting with special attention.

Variations on the theme of the painting

Despite the fact that some tend to think of dark blonde shades are boring, well think whether you are ready to radically change. To restore the original view will not be easy, because this color is the Golden middle between the image of the delicate blonde and brown-haired women fatal. Better to stay on the options, slightly modified natural appearance. For this purpose, suitable coloring shampoos and various unstable paint, will not penetrate the scalp enough to ruin it.

Before you decide on the way, pay attention not only on hair but also on your type of appearance. Auburn and reddish shades, which can be achieved by application of a decoction of chamomile and henna, highlighted the emerald eyes and olive skin. Deeper chestnut colour arising after use of the tincture of bark and lime leaves, looks with cold blue eyes and aristocratic pallor. In General, you are free to choose any combination of shades, if you are going to excessively move away from natural tones.

If you decide to change a lot, you should see a specialist - if not staining brown hair is able to give such unexpected surprises as a kind of swamp, purple and yellow tones. Although hair apparently does not seem to be too dark, for their clarification will be required on the basis of hydrogen peroxide, which can alter their natural look, making it more dull. Repainted in the brunette or the redhead is quite simple, similar tone fit well for brown shades, but eats into the hair structure.

Painted blonde curls prone to breakage, will not damage regenerating mask with the content of honey, yogurt, rye bread, eggs, and oils such as coconut, sea buckthorn, hemp and olive.

Advice 2: How to get light brown color

To change something in my own image – a favorite pastime of many women. In particular, this applies to changing hair color. But if you change the hue of the curls just a tone or two not so hard that the brunette be, for example, lightbrown, will have to spend some sessions of painting in the salon.
You will need
  • - lemon juice;
  • - chamomile.
If the hair is not dyed and their hue from light brown to dark brown, then slightly lighten the strands, you can use folk remedies. For example, add to conditioner or shampoo, lemon juice or chamomile. Quick and wonderful lightening effect can be obtained by combining the use of lemon juice and sunlight. Squeeze three lemons juice and add a little water (ratio 3 to 1). Apply on hair the mixture and take some time in the sun. The curls in this way you can lighten a couple of shades, but to say exactly what the result will be obtained, it is impossible, because it is necessary to take into account the natural color of the strands, and features of the hair.
If you have the hair color is natural, not too dark, once is enough to discolor the hair, and then painted them with tint paint ashen shades. Will look best ash-blonde, light brown or regular ash.
Owners of weak and brittle hair it is better not to begin your journey to blonde hair through bleaching. For starters, make the usual weave dark strands, and then paint the selected color. This method is more gentle, and the result is exactly like you, because due to the fact that lighten hair will be different on a dark and streaked tresses, the hair color will be more interesting and rich, with a striking iridescence.
If your hair was not just painted, to make them light brown unlikely to succeed on their own. After staining you will get different shades on the hair roots and on the painted strands. So you should go to salon and spend a wash previous coloring tools. Only after it can be painted in light brown. In addition, the wizard by miksovaniya different shades usually get the color, which is not in the standard palette of colors.
If you have received the desired light brown shade, in between coloring, wash the hair toning shampoo. Also, rinse hair after washing decoction of chamomile – it will not only strengthen the roots of the hair, but will also contribute to natural lighting.
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