Why not give watches

There are three the most famous and common versions of explaining the undesirability of such a gift, like a clock. According to the first sharp and piercing-cutting items as gift is not suitable, because they can "cut the friendship and happiness." Such items include knives, forks, scissors, and a watch. The fact that the clock is usually pointed. It is therefore considered accessory came in the prohibited list of gifts. Believed existed in the West, sharp objects can attract evil spirits. However, she goes to the person who receives such a gift. This can lead to conflict different conflict situations between the giver and the birthday boy.

Home to the second signs is China. According to Eastern tradition, the watch was handed to man, symbolizing the invitation to the funeral. The Europeans understand this belief differently, but each version sounds rather menacing. So, some interpretiruya this gift in the following way: the clock is ticking until the death of the birthday child and their stop will stop his life. Other people believe that the clock measures time to the separation from the person handing them. The third group of people believes that the gift carries a secret meaning, which implies the wish of death birthday.

The third sign is lit that with the watch the honoree receive misery, pain, emptiness, disappointment in life.

Is it possible to give the watch lover

There is a separate belief related exclusively to people with to each other sincere feelings. It is believed that the watch, a gift your loved one will certainly lead to misunderstandings and conflict in the pair, which will be followed by a breakup.


To summarize, we can conclude that even if the donor – the person asevery, it is better to refuse from such a gift, like a clock. Because it is impossible to be absolutely sure that the birthday boy doesn't believe in various omens and superstitions. Most often the influence of superstition subject to the fair sex. Therefore, even incredibly beautiful and stylish watch, presented to him as a gift, can spoil a holiday, immersing her in gloomy thoughts. The old and elderly, too, may upset and even offend such a gift.

However, you can safely give a watch collectors these accessories or to people who probably don't believe in luck. Men are often glad of officer hours. So this gift may like brother, dad, grandfather. Especially if in advance to talk with them about it. And best of all, handing over watch on the occasion of birthday, take birthday boy a coin. You have to cheat omen, making a clock is not a gift, and commodity.