What is medical insurance and medical insurance

The insurance policy of obligatory medical insurance (OMS) are required in order to enable them to receive free medical care. The list of medical services, which gives the right health insurance can be found in the office or on the website selected by the citizen insurance organizations carrying out medical insurance.

Since 2011, Russia has a policy of uniform insurance, valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. It is available in two forms: on paper and in the form of a plastic card. A person with a compulsory health insurance policy, are required to provide free medical care in any medical institution in Russia, if it is included in the system of obligatory medical insurance. Usually this refers to public health agencies.

The policy is issued for life, it is not necessary to change

- when changing the place of residence;
- when you change jobs;
- when you change the status (employment, retirement);
- if you select another insurance organization having the license for realization of obligatory medical insurance.

The only reason for the replacement policy is to change the name of its owner.

Replacement procedures to medical insurance

Replacement policy in connection with the change of names is as follows:
You must contact the office of the selected insurance organization, having at itself the following documents:

- the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
- certificate of mandatory pension insurance.

An employee of the insurance organization prepares a statement of the citizen for the replacement of the policy and offers to issue the policy in paper or plastic option. For processing credit cards directly in the office of an insurance organization is done electronically, the photograph of the citizen.

At the time of making of the policy (about 30 days) citizen is issued the provisional certificate with which he can apply to obtain free medical care.

When the policy is ready, the insurer shall notify the insured person. He will again need to come to the office of the insurance organization having the provisional certificate. Certificate for rent to employees of an insurance company and in return, the citizen gets health insurance.

Old policy must not be submitted! Its action is terminated upon issuance for a citizen of a provisional certificate.

To issue the policy to another person (including by reason of the change of name) in the following cases:

1. Minor children. To do this, one of the parents or legal representative must personally contact the office of the insurance organization having the following documents:

- the passport of the parent who applied to the insurance company;
- birth certificate or passport of the child (when the child reaches 14 years of age);
- certificate of mandatory pension insurance of the child.

2. Relative or other person. It is necessary to have authorization from the person to whom you want the policy. The power of attorney may be executed by hand and does not require notarization. In addition to power of attorney, the person ordering the policy to another person, you must have the following documents:

- the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, which ordered the policy;
- certificate of mandatory pension insurance of the citizen, which ordered the policy;
- your passport.