Can I write to a guy first?

If you are already tied with a guy for a romantic relationship, then you have every right to write him first. Too Intrusive, of course, also can not be. The main thing here is to know when to stop.

When relations are at the very first stage, young people are often too shy to write to each other. In fact, innocent the message will not put you in a bad light. On the contrary, you will show her lover that is also interested in communication. Moreover, a lot of guys are attracted to girls who are able to make the first move.

What to write your favorite guy?

The hardest are given the beginning letter. Many girls long to figure out how to contact the guy or about what to write. From the beginning of the conversation really depends on, start up your conversation or not. Moreover, regarding girls who have not yet entered into relationship with the addressee of his letter.

So, come up with a treatment. If it's your kid, name it "favorite" or "home", let him through the message will feel, how warm you are turning to him. If you are already very close, feel free to use the adjective "welcome".

To write to a boyfriend can be anything you want. Imagine what it you were pleased? Write him what you feel at the moment. Let him know that dear to you.

If your partner is away from you, write that a lot, you miss his affection and care. Tell us how you dream to touch his hair, lips, etc. such a letter must convey your loved feeling of warmth and comfort that it will receive on arrival home. After reading your letter, he has to want to see you once more.

After a regular visit you can just have a little flirt with a loved one. If your relationship is already pretty far gone, you can write about your sexual fantasies. There is hardly a young man who doesn't like to read such passion.

If your relationship just started to grow, try to write on those topics that he is interested in. Praise him for something, write what you really like his hobby or something like that. Can discuss favorite movies, at the same time learn a little more about it.

It is also possible sometimes to send him a simple short message, for example "good morning, honey", "sweet dreams", "Wake up, sunshine," etc. Such a message will remind him of you and cause a warm smile on his face.

Whatever you decide to write a guy write sincerely. He will feel it and respond to you in return.