Reliable method or simple divination?

From the point of view of modern doctors most of these methods are ineffective. Modern medicine has disproved a lot of folk knowledge and will, which were based on ancient observations on the development of pregnancy in different women. For example, modern doctors believe that to determine the baby's gender by the shape and size of the belly. They believe that all of these options are strictly individual in each case the type of the abdomen is determined by the physiology of the woman, the location and the size of her baby. In addition, the size and shape of the abdomen is affected by the amount of amniotic fluid, tone the abdominal muscles (which are stretched significantly with each following pregnancy, which leads to the fact that the belly falls lower). Besides, the appearance of a pregnant woman affected and kilos. However, many women claim that this method of determining the sex of the child was for them an effective.
Guessing on the shape of the abdomen from the point of view of modern medicine as effective as a coin toss.

How to find out the sex of the baby in the stomach?

It is believed that at the birth of a boy indicates a neat abdomen, strongly protruding. Your belly has a sharp shape and resembles a cucumber. While a pregnant woman generally retains the shape even and not too "spread out" in the waist. If you look at the mother from behind, can not detect signs of pregnancy, the abdomen should be visible from the front only. It is believed that "pregnant" with a boy the stomach is lower than the "pregnant" girl. Another indication of the boy is the fuzz that covers the stomach. Signs argue that sticking to the right abdominal necessarily the guy but sticking to the left — girl. It is noteworthy that the Italians believe the contrary "sharp" tummy a symptom of the birth of girls, as, indeed, and covered with fuzz.
The most accurate way to determine the sex of the child is the ultrasound.

Rounded or oblong, conceal waist abdomen from the point of view of national will necessarily indicate a girl. If the female figure during pregnancy explode, have lost the harmony of the lines and the belly is relatively high, a sure sign that in him dwells the girl. It is believed that the belly of a woman expecting a daughter, you can see even from the back, so round and massive is becoming to her figure.