Advice 1: How to get 3 disability group

To receive the 3rd group of disability need to contact the doctor, pass all required tests and documents (passport, direction and application) to be medico-social examination.
Disability group is determined based on the classification of the main types of disabilities and the degree of their severity. There are 4 degrees of severity: the first is minor, the second moderate, the third distinct, and fourth with significantly severe disorders.

The main violations of the functions of the human body

1. Mental disorders. We are talking about perception, memory, attention, intelligence, thinking, emotions, consciousness, will, behavior, and psychomotor functions.

2. Disorders of speech and language. We are talking about dysarthria, alalia, rhinolalia, stuttering, aphasia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, verbal and nonverbal speech, as well as disorders of voice.

3. Violation touch. There may be problems with hearing, smell, sight, touch, tactile sensations, temperature and others.

4. Violations of statics and dynamics. We are talking about the problems of motor activity of the limbs, torso, head, coordination and others.

5. Disorders associated with blood circulation, respiration, secretion, hematopoiesis, digestion, metabolism and energy, immune system and internal secretion.

6. Violations that are determined by physical deformity. We are talking about malformed torso, limbs, face and head. People can have abnormalities of the digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts, as well as violation of body size.

In some cases, put 3rd group of disability

The third group of disability, put people who have reduced working capacity due to disabilities that are caused by chronic diseases or anatomic defects, resulting in the loss of profession and or lower qualifications. Such patients shown to work without significant physical activity, in addition to this, they have the right to work shorter working week and the reduction of the normal working day. The third group of disability may be given by the decision mediko-social examination where it is necessary to provide a package of documents, including a passport or other identity document, the direction given by the healthcare institution (form 188) and a statement from the patient.

But to precede all of these actions must trek to the treating doctor who will assess the patient's condition, decide on the disability and send all the relevant tests.

Advice 2: How to get an unlimited group disability

If you are disabled each year are required to undergo a medical Commission to confirm their group disability. However, if the disease is incurable and state changes for the better is not expected, you can obtain group disability indefinitely. How to achieve this?
Make sure that your disease is among those for which disability is assigned forever. A complete list of incurable diseases can be found on the website of the Ministry of health or at this link:
If you do not find here the names of your disease, consult with your doctor – most likely, you will still need to be screened every year.
Indefinite disability means that you will not need to undergo annual Commission for re-examination. To obtain it, contact your local doctor and write a statement.
Get your doctor's direction to the desired survey. If the person is not able to walk on the tests independently, it is put in the hospital. All the results of examinations and tests must be fresh.
Assemble the documents required for submission to the Commission on disability: a passport, a statement of the patient, extracts from the medical history and results of inspection and tests, the direction of the hospital or clinic, which has assured the chief doctor of the medical institution.
Submit the documents in the medical-social expert Commission and expect a decision on assignment to you of the indefinite group of disability. Group disability will depend on the results of the survey, extracts from the medical history that you have presented to the Commission.
After assigning groups of disability 2-3 times annually undergoing maintenance therapy, if necessary, preferably in a hospital.
Please contact the city office of the pension Fund of the Russian Federation to obtain the certificate of the invalid and the right to benefits. The benefits include: provision of free medicines, discounts on travel on all means of transport in all seasons except summer, free treatment at the Spa. Disabled people in our country receive benefits, paying utility bills.
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