Gastritis today has become so common disease, that is to meet someone, not suffering from his attacks, quite difficult. Causes of disorders of the stomach serve low quality food, stuffed with various chemicals in the form of flavor enhancers and baking powder, the use of drugs, nervous exhaustion, bad nutrition and so on.

To determine whether there is candy in this disease, you should know what the human form of gastritis. Each of them has its own dietary restrictions and therapeutic diets. Alone feature disease to see a doctor should be consulted and the appropriate shots and tests.

What are the forms of gastritis?

With decreased secretory function of the stomach. Symptoms: belching air, nausea, lack of appetite, rumbling in the intestines, diarrhea.

Chronic with preserved or increased secretory function of the stomach. Symptoms: mild aching pain in the epigastric region, after the intake of alkaline food is getting better, sour belching, vomiting, sweating, nervous breakdown.

Superficial gastritis. Symptoms: increased mucus production, swelling of the gastric mucosa.

Atrophic. Revealed atrophy of separate sites of the gastric mucosa, predjisone condition.

Erosive gastritis. Symptoms: seasonal exacerbation of the disease, increased acidity of the stomach, pain after meals.

Hypertrophic and palipana form of gastritis has clearly manifested specific symptoms and are diagnosed on an outpatient basis.

Dangerous candy gastritis and why?

Doctors are unanimous in one: the best sweetness in this disease, regardless of its form – med. But sweet tooth can't resist eating sweets that won't cause any complications in superficial gastritis, but with more complicated types of things are not so simple. The fact that candy (especially soy-based and rich in sugar) cause in the stomach fermentation. This increases acidity and can cause worsening of the disease.

To the consumption of candy did not cause significant complications, it is recommended to eat after the main meal. Preferably with soothing mucous products: milk, tea, decoctions of herbs, allowed for gastritis. From a small number of chocolates in case of surface type, much harm will be done. But if it is chronic or other severe forms, the consumption of these sweets, you need to consult your doctor.