Causes of pain in the hip joints after childbirth

Pregnancy provides an increased load on the entire woman's body, including on the hip joints. There are several causes of joint problems, one of them is hormonal changes. During pregnancy, increased production of hormone relaxin, which relaxes the muscles and ligaments to ease childbirth, causing discomfort. If this hormone in the body will be too much, the woman may even change gait. Another cause of pain in the hip joints is excess weight. These feelings are considered normal, they often manifest themselves after prolonged standing on your feet or a long walk. In this case, it is necessary to increase the rest periods. Pain in the hip joints, wearing the physiological nature, do not require treatment. They pass through some time after birth by themselves.

Sometimes during childbirth is pinched nerve root in the future, this leads to frequent pain in the hip and in the leg. For arthritis and arthrosis characterized by pain in the groin, which can increase when walking, while bursitis in the joint capsule pain usually appears on the outside of the buttocks and enhanced in the supine position. If the pain in the hip joints was caused by infectious-inflammatory process, in this case, there are other symptoms - lameness, fever, chills, etc. In these cases need advice and treatment from a doctor.
Causes of pain may be mechanical trauma to the joint, bone tumors and soft tissue rheumatic diseases.

Prevention of the onset of pain in hip joints after childbirth

Physiological pain in hip joints after delivery can be facilitated. You first need to increase in the diet of pregnant women number of vitamins and dairy products and reduce the amount of hot spices, salt, pepper, sorrel, spinach, tomatoes. Very important for bones potassium, a lot of it in bananas, dried apricots. Enough to eat half a small banana or two fruit apricots three times a day half an hour before meals.
To get rid of the pain can help bandage, it reduces the load on the spine and joints, which increases during pregnancy.

Good results can give yoga, it eases the pressure on the lumbar-sacral region. Quickly loosens the joints and reduces pain swimming in salt water. Therapeutic exercises helps to improve the blood supply and eliminate discomfort.
Before any physical activity it is necessary to consult to the doctor because of pain in the hip joints can be a symptom of the disease.