At the moment in the Russian market you can find a large number of motorcycles of different capacities. For example, in various 50-boiler scooters, mopeds and scooters there is a big demand. This technique of buying adults and even teenagers. The big advantage of the 50 CC scooter is a high maneuverability, low fuel consumption and ease of operation. In connection with the popularity of mopeds and scooters people are beginning to wonder – how do you choose a 50 CC moped?

Price category

First, future owners of mopeds choose equipment at cost. On the Russian market of motor vehicles there is a large variation of prices on mopeds and scooters. For example, you can purchase a 50 CC moped within 25 000 rubles, and can spend all 85 000 rubles. That is why you need to choose a vehicle based on your budget. The average cost of moped and scooter – 30-50 thousand rubles. Agree, not so much for equipment that will last you a long time and save you from the congestion and perpetual traffic jams in the city.

Contrary to popular belief among the low 50-CC mopeds also found a decent technique. That is, the cost of a moped is not the primary indicator of its quality.

What manufacturer is better

In recent years, the market of motorcycles, a large number of budget mopeds and scooters. For example, most of the goods stores selling scooter is the equipment of such manufacturers as Omaks, Stels, Yamaha, Honda, etc. each company has its good and bad models, so don't get hung up on the name of the manufacturer. You can buy a moped Stels that will last you 5-7 years, and can purchase equipment from Yamaha, which requires serious investments and repairs in a month after purchase.

The appearance of a moped

If you think that a moped or a scooter – it's a stylized "stool on wheels", you are wrong. Manufacturers began to pay great attention to appearance of equipment. Lovers of sport bikes will appeal to a moped Yamasaki Scorpion that fit into 50 cubic meters (a characteristic feature of scooters and mopeds), thus imitating the appearance of most sport motorcycles. If you prefer road motorcycle equipment, you can find the standard moped with a characteristic body, a classic fit and at a reasonable price. The choice is yours!