What is rewriting?

A good starting point to decide what is rewriting. Rewrite is called creating articles for the Internet resource based on the other materials, taken on the Internet or from publications.

Currently, the requirements for rewriting is quite high. Quality rewriting is not just the material of the original article in your own words and, especially, not a primitive word substitution in the original article with synonyms or rearranging their order in the sentence. Welcome a rewrite, when you write that the author used multiple sources, was able to creatively recycle them, or better yet, add your own original thoughts and ideas.

But the main requirement to rewrite-the article is unique. This means that the text obtained as a result must not appear on the Internet. To verify uniqueness, you must use special programs, but the requirements for the degree of uniqueness may be different.
In any case, the uniqueness of below 80% does not give the right to consider an article suitable for any Internet resource.

Price rewriting

The price of any of the content as a rule set, starting from the value of 1000 symbols.
Some set the price per 1000 characters of text including spaces, but often still occurs a fixed price per 1,000 characters excluding spaces.
But there may be options: some customers set the desired size of the article and a fixed price for it, some are willing to pay depending on how many readers will type the article.

But even if you focus on the cost of 1,000 characters without spaces, it can be quite different depending on desires and possibilities of the customer. So, on the stock exchanges of content this price ranges from 10 to 200 and more rubles. Beginners usually ready to try their hand even for a minimal fee, but quickly realize that to make any appreciable amount thus impossible.

Some customers do not distinguish between a copyrighted article and rewrite, while others pay for rewriting slightly less. The average price for rewriting is 40-60 rubles per 1000 symbols without spaces, but with luck and the proper skill level can find a customer willing to pay for such work a lot more, so to say exactly how much it will cost or another article, is extremely difficult.

Another way to try to increase their income, doing a rewrite is to expose articles for sale on the content exchange or on the forum webmasters. But in order to get a high paying, one needs to establish itself as the author of high-quality and unique material. None of the customers would not buy expensive articles in a person abilities which he does not know.

In any case, will be paid only competent, unique material, regardless of a rewrite or an original article. For illiterate, hard to read, non-unique text, the author risks not to receive a penny.