Advice 1: How to tighten skin when losing weight

You have made the decision to finally lose weight? This is a good solution, but keep in mind that you need to lose weight properly, instead of kilograms you have not received a new challenge: flabby saggy skin. Our skin is very elastic, it can stretch and shrink. But there are places in our body where the skin is least flexible and can quickly trabot. Is buttocks, abdomen, inner part of the arms, thighs and of course Boobs. The chest is a different story. It needs constant care, as she has almost no muscles. There are some rules, observing that you can avoid the dreaded sagging skin.
Most importantly – lose weight gradually. Of course you want to quickly get rid of fat, but do not forget that when you fat, your skin is slowly stretched and took a new form. Slowly it should decrease. The best would be the loss of 2-3 kg per month. But and the pounds will go forever and the skin arabnet.
The second rule is eat balanced meals. Any mono deprive the skin including important nutrients and elements. If you quickly lose weight new diet you first lose water, while the water balance of the skin, reduced elasticity. If you are on a juice fast – drink plenty of water. She removes toxins and supports the moisture balance of the skin.
The skin have to be hardened. When you take a shower, RUB the body hard sponge. Take in the shower and contrast shower – 30 seconds under cold water 30 seconds under hot. Repeat a few times.
Don't forget to clean the skin. Peeling once or twice a week is welcome. Combine that with the subsequent string massage of the abdomen, thighs, and so on.
Use special firming cream. They smooth the skin and remove stretch marks and stimulate skin renewal.
And the last one. Work out. Let it will become your indispensable companion for life.

Advice 2: How to tighten skin after weight loss?

Diet and intense physical activity can help you lose weight. However, the impression of postroynevshaya pieces can ruin the skin. Deprived of the usual kinds of fat, it droops, becomes flabby and dry. Take care of the skin still in the process of weight loss. Well-chosen creams and cleansers, wraps, massage and contrast shower bath will make the body fit and elastic.

Care about the body: how to remove sagging skin

Dropping 10-20 pounds, do not forget about possible problems with the skin. Develop a diet that will allow you to lose weight gradually but gradually. Then the skin will be able to adapt to the new dimensions of your body.

Keep in mind your age. The easiest way to lose weight for young girls whose skin is prone to stretch marks, you'll be elastic and of sufficient density. Those who have already crossed forty, or has a thin and dry skin, you should weight very carefully. Getting rid of extra pounds, try not to gain them again - this fluctuations of weight are very harmful.

Make changes in diet. Do not give up fat. Instead of meat eat fish, enter in the diet vegetable oils, nuts and olives. The lack of fat makes the skin thin and dry, and it droops and is going into minor folds. Supplement the diet with vitamins A and E in capsules - they help soften and elasticity of the skin.

Eliminate cleansers based on sulphate. Replace it with a soft shower creams, oils salts, sugar and salt scrubs enriched with natural oils of cocoa, Shea and almond. Do not shower too often - two times a day is sufficient. After bathing lubricate body moisturizing cream.
Very good baby creams or lotions without parabens and dyes - they effectively soften and nourish the skin.

Avoid tanning salons - they very dry the skin. If you want to give it a beautiful shade, use a good bronzer - it not only tones the body but also moisturize it.

To include in the program weight loss strength exercises. They will strengthen the muscles will give them beautiful relief, tuck the skin. Exercise at least 2 times per week, using barbell, dumbbells, rubber band, and a variety of cuffs-weighting. Turn into a gymnastics routine of pull-UPS and push-UPS, good muscle.

Learn the techniques of self-massage. Daily RUB especially problem areas - stomach, hips, thighs, upper arms. For better results, use light oil or a special firming gels. Very effective and a hydromassage and contrast showers. Useful home treatments can be noted and wrap with nori sheets. Algae tone the skin, seal it, return healthy color and softness.
If conservative methods do not help, you can resort to surgical facelift. Consult with an experienced doctor - he will suggest the optimal technique.

Tightens the skin

From weight loss may affect not only the body but the face. Sharply formed nasolabial folds, sagging chin and wrinkles mesh will not add you charm. Immediately start a program for the restoration of the skin.

Drink plenty of fluids. 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water should be your norm. Useful and rather weak green tea as well as milk, diluted fresh juices and homemade fruit drinks. Try to avoid coffee and carbonated drinks - they contribute to dehydration.

Daily use firming cream with collagen. Online you can find night and day means with a lifting effect. Will help up a homemade mask based on egg white and fresh yeast, as well as scrubs of coffee grounds and ground oatmeal.

Choose cosmetics with pull-up effect and enabling the reflective particles. The correct Foundation, powder and blusher visually tighten the skin, making the face more fresh and young.
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