The origins of jealousy are in their own insecurities – the guy is afraid that he's not good enough for girls, experiencing constant fear, waiting for when she left him. These emotions do not always manifest themselves clearly, often these beliefs are formed on the subconscious level, making it difficult for the person to build relationships. To decide how to treat jealousy, only trying to understand the motives of the guy.Jealousy is totally normal and appropriate response to the misbehavior of the girl – she may behave provocatively, to flirt with other guys, spending a lot of time in the company of other fans, etc. So if your relationship has already reached a serious level, then accept the fact that from now on all my sexiness and looseness you need to show only to him. Do not confuse friendship with cheeky behavior.With a jealous need to fight with their own weapons – try to behave similarly, just mirror him. It is likely that, having been the victim of revniviy", he will reconsider his behavior and make amends. You can hint to him that such a relationship is not what you expected, starting to meet him. If he is unable to cope with the problem, offer assistance – talk, role-playing, counseling. During fits of jealousy just act cool and indifferent, because your response in the form of justificatory speeches is exactly what he expects. Help the beloved to overcome self-doubt, prove to him that you he is the best and desirable. It is quite another thing when a guy is jealous for no reason – it's pathological owner, who cannot prevent the loss of a loved one. Such people can be dangerous, especially when jealousy is combined with an explosive temper – and physical close. If you notice the slightest signs that guy hard to control myself, or was already the precedent, then immediately get away from him. And it should be done carefully, without causing shock to the ego scandals and tantrums. It is best to enlist the support of strong friends, brother or father who, if anything, will be able to help you and scare the jealous type.