You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
In order to know the version of firmware of the mobile device Fly, use special codes. Different phones fit different codes, however sometimes, it happens that the same code can come from many devices. Try to type one of the following combinations:*#8375#####0000#*#3598375# *#900#*#18375#.
Also find out information about the firmware is available from the General menu, system information, dial ####8375#, be careful, it is available in General for most old models. On special forums you can also see the version of the standard firmware specific to a particular model. Please note - if you have already changed the firmware, you may be available information about it if you are using standard service codes.
In order to return the phone to its factory settings, use the enter special code from the keypad of your mobile device:*01763*737381#.All that you have made system changes to be cancelled, the system settings will revert to the original. Before performing this operation it is best to perform a backup of the phonebook data in the memory of the SIM card.
Enter code ####1111# to enter the service menu of the phone Fly. Be careful when you start this mode, because without certain skills you can just ruin the device. For some phones this menu opens access to additional settings that are not available from normal operation. Usually these codes are developers and specialists of service centers.
Be careful making changes using this mode, please find out in advance from other users, what will be the consequences of a particular action. Never change the sound level using this mode.