Select the location to install satellite dish Svec. Remember that it must be aimed to the South side and not overlapping the buildings, trees or other obstacles to the signal. The best option is the roof of the house.
Prepare the anchor bolts, the bracket and drill to attach the antenna to the desired location. Bracket install horizontal or vertical position. Attach it to a satellite antenna, and then connect the Converter and the coaxial cable that will later connect to receiver.
Find the direction angle of the satellite antenna to receive signals. This will decide what channels you want to view, then view the catalog, which satellites they match. As a result you can determine the required angle for the satellite antenna installation, and then configure it by means of a compass. If on the roof or in the neighborhood are already plates, you can just focus on them. There is also a special program Satellite Antenna Alignment that determines the position of the sun and counts the desired direction for the satellite antenna.
Connect to the receiver all necessary wires and connect it to the TV. Then plug in the AC 220V, please make sure the screen braid and the Central conductor is not closed.
Take the TV remote and the receiver. Turn them on. Go to menu "Setting" and select "channel Search", then click on the satellite, which was tuned in your satellite dish. On the right, a menu will appear where you can configure the settings of the plates.
Turn the power on of the Converter, and set its type as a universal. Select the "Transporter" in which you must specify a value. It can be found on one of the sites devoted to satellite TV. After this it appears that the signal quality is 0%. This means that the satellite dish Svec are incorrect. Leave кого0нибудь near the TV, and themselves lift up to the plate and start to rotate gradually until, until you see the signal.