Send her a letter via e-mail. Epistolary genre not give up their positions since ancient times and it is good that the annoying object of your tender feelings less than others. The letter can be read in any girl time, and not forcing her to respond immediately. To obtain a letter of acceptance in love – what could be more romantic? Disadvantage of this method is that email can be shown "in confidence" ten best friends. So you need to be sure that the girl you write good and reasonable. In addition, the downside is that you do not see the responses and might have to wait a very long time, but the lover was so hard to wait.
Say you decided to send an email - how best to build the letter itself, that the girl impressed? Make it in three parts - introduction, main part and conclusion, even if each of them will include only one sentence. So the information is perceived better. Second, the letter should not be trivial, that is, Express thoughts unusual, in any case, do not use ready-made recognition sites of the Internet. Third, make sure to sign up with real first and last name, it proves your confidence in yourself and the girl.
Send recognition in ICQ or another program for instant messaging. Plus – it's easier than on the phone and you get instant reaction. The downside is that the message history is girlfriends. If you do decide, make its recognition of unusual and do not overdo it with the emoticons. And it is not necessary to get girls, information about whether she likes you. On the contrary, it is better to start with the fact that you do not require a response, just a deep and selfless love, simply for the fact that it exists in this world.
Confess love to the video Skype or other similar program. A lot like real life, but still you are separated by distance, and this makes the communication more relaxed. The downside is that there is no time to think and Polish language. Plus you see the girl and her reactions, and all her friends can be told only in words. If you found the courage to admit so, prepare the flowers and candles as if you have now a romantic date. Decide your monologue, however, to practice in front of a mirror for hours is not the best way. And yet - do not drink alcohol for courage, it will be noticeable and spoil the impression. Try to get a date immediately after recognizing to personally tell her the main words.