Advice 1: How to make a tattoo

The fashion for tattoos among the youth is kept for a long time. Many young people have decorated their bodies are beautiful, in their view, images. However, the time goes by, people grow up. And now, the tattoo may become irrelevant because of yesterday's young man has become a solid top Manager. Or the picture is just faded. And its owner is shy to undress on the beach. Fortunately, the tattoo can be removed. The correct way is to do it with a laser.
You will need
  • From 10 to 20 thousand rubles, proven cosmetic salon, a good specialist, laser machine, it is better not Chinese, and made in the USA.
To guaranteed and safe to remove tattoo on the skin with a laser beam. He goes inside and either removes the superficial layers of the skin with paint or destroys or lightens in the skin or under the skin of the paint. Thus the tattoo is gradually reduced.
To begin, the master must determine what is the tattoo that should be removed. If your tattoo applied very shallow, and slightly affected only the epidermis, can be removed using the method of laser vaporization. It uses an erbium laser. He removes portions of the epidermis while not leading to the formation of scars. Skin after the operation is recovered quickly, almost within a week.
A more gentle method of removing tattoo - selective photochemical. Using this method, the outer layer of the skin does not suffer. Reduce the tattoo over several sessions, gradually working laser pattern. First tattoo getting paler and paler. Then she merges with the skin.
Depending on which pattern is applied on the skin, what is its brightness, the quality of the paint and depth, removal takes from 3 weeks to a year. However, the average tattoo disappears for 3-5 sessions.
Lasers for tattoo removal use different. Ruby needed to derive green, blue and black images. Usually a ruby laser influence on shallow tattoo, located in the epidermis. Such a laser is suitable for removal of homemade tattoos, even if the paint leaked into the dermis, but not very deep.
You cannot use this type of laser for removing tattoo is very bright, the paint which has penetrated very deeply. In this case, may leave scars, because the ruby laser operates with a low speed. Faster laser of similar actions - the alexandrite.

The fastest and the best device - a neodymium laser. He is very fast, instantly penetrates into the deepest skin layers, without having to affect its integrity. This device destroys only the dye, but not the skin. Micro-particles of the dye are then removed from the body in a natural way. With the help of a neodymium laser can remove tattoos of any color and depth.

Advice 2: How to make a tattoo with milk

If the tattoo does not suit you, you can get rid of it in several ways. It is best to go to a tattoo parlor and trust your body to professionals. But there are also several "home" options for destruction tattoo, but they are in high probability will lead to the formation of scars. The most affordable of them are performed with milk (goat's, cow's, condensed).
They all boil down to the fact that the tattoo oblivaetsya, but depending on your capabilities there are a few different ways:

The most civilized: the use of machines for tattooing. As a suitable string, built artisanal and professional. Be sober! And make sure that you have normal pressure and not increased. If you have any doubts on this score – transfer procedure on another day when you're absolutely sure of their health status.
To begin, prepare the machine to work. To do this, adjust the frequency of the hits, select the needle size (best fit bundle-roundabout) or strings.
Prepare in advance the material that is going to cut away. Combine the milk with the powder streptotsida (you can crush the tablet), fill in a container (or use a plastic cap, used for paints).
Stock up on cotton wool with water in a spray bottle (useful for washing off blood and milk) and a bandage.
The second method is simply the introduction of milk under the skin in areas of coverage pattern with the help of syringe and medical needle. Take a new syringe and needle (two CC is fine).
Prepare the desired mixture, pour it into the syringe.
Stock up on a variety with a cotton swab.
Inject milk deep under the skin, in small portions. The quality of the procedure largely depends on the frequency of injections.
You expect a strong festering places of punctures and the entire surface of the tattoo. Maybe one time will not be sufficient to achieve the desired result, so the process will have to be repeated several times, just waiting for complete healing of the tissues. In the end, in place of the tattoo you will get is absolutely not aesthetically pleasing scar.
Do not try to make tattoo by yourself. When exposed to the skin with potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide or various homemade mixtures of milk may remain scars.
Useful advice
Choose only trusted salons in order not to regret about a bad outcome. After the laser exposure do not expose the skin to sunlight. It may remain pigmentation.
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