Please contact the store of purchase and teleradiocentre RF coaxial cable. When buying, consider where it will be on TV, and what is the distance between them, the cable was easy to build. Pay attention to the condition of the cable, as it will depend on how well the TV will play the signal from the antenna.
Buy and splitter (splitter), the device having one port for the antenna and two-three for TV sets. Don't buy a cheap splitter from unknown manufacturers, or may occur, the probability of circuit and, as a consequence, the failure of the entire system.
Prepare for the laying of the cable. Unplug all unnecessary at the moment, the appliances, check the status of the transaction. If you want all of your installation work is not too conspicuous, lay the cable along the walls behind furniture. Furniture in advance to push, and after you lay the cable, gently push, to avoid damage.
Select a location for the installation of conventional or satellite antenna. Put a regular antenna as high as possible, to ensure the quality of signal reception, connect the two satellite tuner.
Connect the antenna to the splitter RF coaxial cable through the designated port. Connect TVs in series in the other ports.
Attach the RF coaxial cable along the baseboard so not to step on it with electrical tape. Ensure that there is no likelihood of damage to the cable.
Turn on the TV to check the signal quality. If one of the TV reproduces the picture of poor quality or does not work, check the cable along the entire length and verify that it is securely fastened and not damaged.