Advice 1: What to do if the nails do not grow

Beautiful, healthy nails are important for a good appearance, they give the appearance of completeness, grooming. But what if the nails exfoliate, crumble, does not want to grow?
Paraffin is the most effective way, enhancing the growth of nails. The procedure is applied to the cuticle of the melted cosmetic paraffin or wax. Blood circulation is stimulated, the nails are getting more oxygen than before, begin to grow faster. Also in this issue very useful nail baths. Add warm water and a dessert spoon of vegetable oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Dip your fingers in the tub for five minutes, then blot with a towel or napkin. The procedure will not bring any good if you wash off the oil mixture with water. Help and salt bath: boil some water and stir in a teaspoon of regular or sea salt. When the water cools, and the salt dissolves, soak your fingers in the solution for about ten minutes. Do this simple procedure every day before going to sleep – the nutrition of the nails improves, they will become firmer and will grow more intense. Good and finger massage: it speeds up the growth of nails due to improved circulation. When splitting nails do manicure not too often (once in two weeks). It is good to use therapeutic strengthening colorless varnish. Massage into the base of the nails with olive oil: it contains many vitamins and minerals beneficial for nail growth.Very carefully remove the nail Polish, it is better to choose the most gentle liquid for its removal. Powders, various detergents can negatively affect the skin, nails, and so protect the hands from contact with household chemicals: wash the dishes with gloves or apply on the skin a greasy protective cream. Note on food: it should be balanced, full. Zinc deficiency particularly affects the condition of nails, as a lack of vitamin E (it is possible not only ingest, but also rubbed into the nails). Try to keep food contained sufficient amounts of the vitamins A and D, calcium (it is in yogurt, cheese, milk) and iron (they are rich in fish, red meat).

Advice 2: What if the short nails do not grow

Sometimes the growth of nails seems to stand still, although I so want to do a good manicure. This usually happens either because of disease or because of the banal lack of necessary substances to the body. Make your dream come true, swipe a number of procedures which will support regrowth of the nail plate.
Buy a good vitamin complex with a high content of calcium. Take the drug as it is written in the annotation. Gradually deficiency of nutrients kompensiruet, and you will grow not only nails, but hair and. So the process went quickly, well and efficiently eat. In your diet should include dairy and meat products, and fish and seafood.Do the bath for nails with sea salt. Per liter of water, add 50-100 g not perfumed salt. Immerse hands in warm water and keep for about 15 minutes. Sea salt is rich in nutrients, that is why the rest of the sea nails start to grow before our eyes. Procedure is carried out through the day, but if there is a desire on a daily basis – it will not hurt. If you use table salt, to enhance effectiveness add a few drops of iodine and a little soda.Wipe the nail plate with lemon juice 2 times a day. Fruit acids strengthen the nails and whiten them slightly. Citric acid can not replace juice as all the nutrients as a result of its production are destroyed.Before bedtime, apply on your nails iodine with a cotton swab – this will trigger their growth. The brown color will come later in the morning, so do not worry that you will have to walk around with painted nails too long.Pharmacies sell lucky with a specially designed formula that accelerate the growth of nails. Buy any that you just like. Apply the coating every other day. But to remove it do not use liquid with acetone, buy any other one, for example, which is suitable for the nails – it is more gentle.With regular carrying out of procedures, your nails will grow and get stronger. You will only have to maintain their health and appearance. If not, it is possible that the reason lies in hormonal failure. In this case, pass a full examination by an endocrinologist.
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