Please contact the office of the Federal migration service, Yaroslavl place of residence. For your convenience pre-book your appointment by phone.
Give the employee a Russian passport, copy of employment record, certified by the employer, or its original. Please note that inspectors will be interested in your work activity over the past 10 years, as well as legal addresses of all your employers. If you're retired, it makes sense to bring and pension certificate.
Pay the state fee using the payment terminal or in the Department of Serbaneka.
Men are additionally required to provide a military ID or a certificate certifying that the draft Board to claim you has. This document can be obtained from the Secretary of the military. Women need to have documents confirming change of name, if applicable.
If you apply for a biometric passport, your digital photo will make directly in the FMS special equipment; if you prefer to have the passport of the old sample, before visiting the migration service go to a shop. Need to do 2 photos on matte paper, sized 35x45 mm.
Information about minor children in the issued passport is required upon your requirement, because regardless of the age of the child, he will need a private foreign document.
To apply for a passport it is possible on the portal For this you need to make a profile proposed by the system, your data, and to upload a digital photograph. The original documents you will bring to the FMS.