Take remote control of the TV and press the Menu button. Will appear a list of several settings. Select Setup by pressing "up" and "down" on the remote, and then click OK. In this section, you need to enable Advance (isfccc). To do this, using the cursor keys "right", go to the ON position. After that press the Return button and navigate to the main menu.
Select image settings Pictures and then click "OK". In this menu it is necessary by means of the keys "left" and "right" to change the position of a number of settings. Go to mode, Viewing mode and select Professional 1. Set the Contrast equal to 48, and the parameter Color select 33. Using the down arrow navigate to the second window of the image settings. Select Advanced Settings and click "OK".
Go to settings White Balance. This menu adjusts the white balance. Install using the keys "right" and "left" to scale R-gain value is 10, G-gain - 8 to R-Cutoff - 2, B-Сutoff - 1. Then click on the Return button. Next, you need to adjust the saturation of the image by going to menu Color Management.
Install R-3 equal Hue, G-Hue - 4, R-Saturation - 3, G-Saturation - 11, B-Saturation - 8. Once again return to the main menu image settings, and go to Gamma, which set the position, equal to 2.4. Then exit to the main menu.
Go to settings, Sound. Here it is necessary to set the volume, sound mode, bass and treble, balance and so on. It is necessary to set the parameters empirically, since the results may vary depending on an acoustic condition of the room. If you are using additional amplifiers and speakers for TV sound, you must also configure at this point.