You will need
  • phone;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Send MMS to MTS by phone. For this, you need to configure your mobile phone access the Internet and MMS service. For this you need to call 111 and follow the instructions of the voice message. Go to "Services", select "MMS" and enter the model of your phone. After that will come service message with the tinctures you want to keep.
Just click on the appropriate button. In a similar way, configure the Internet or WAP. Next, locate the phone option "Create MMS". Form message and click "Send" and select the mobile operator "MTS". If you often use the MMS service, you can contact the operator and connect to your tariff plan special packages for these communications, which will significantly reduce your costs.
Use the special form for sending MMS on the website of the company "MTS". For the Russian callers need to follow the link and for the people of Ukraine – the link Next, select the message header, enter the text and attach the proposed or download your media file.
Then specify the phone number of the recipient and of the sender and click "Next". You will come to the phone an SMS message with a confirmation code that must be entered in the appropriate field. Click "Send". Subscribers of MTS Ukraine can send messages anonymously, but only 10 MMS from the same IP address per day.
Download on the website of the company "MTS" the link software services "SMS/MMS from your computer." Install it on your personal computer and integrate with your phone number. Start the function "Send MMS", create a message and specify a MTS the subscriber number. The price depends on the tariff package.