Access the settings screen depends on the operating system you are using. To find out what operating system is installed on your computer, click the right mouse button on the icon "My Computer" and select "Properties". Here is displayed the name of the operating system and other settings.
For Windows XP operating system algorithm set the screen resolution following. Start "control Panel" from the menu "start". Go to "Properties". Next, click on the display tab. Select the "Settings" tab, where you will see the slider to set the screen resolution. Use the recommended values.
For Windows Vista or Windows 7 perform the following steps. Then right-click on an empty area of your desktop. Click on the words "Personalization" and then "display Settings". In the "Resolution" section, move the slider left or right to adjust the screen resolution of the TV.
If your video card has its own utility for configuring display settings, you can use its functionality. In display properties click Advanced, and then select the tab "Adapter". Click on List all modes. Here you can select the resolution, color setting and refresh rate of the screen.
If you set incorrect values, and the TV can't display the desktop of your system, do not panic. In any case, the screen will display the message without user confirmation, will return the screen settings to the previous values. Wait 15 seconds and press.