You will need
  • - Sony PlayStation Portable.
Click system information in your game console Sony PlayStation Portable, which is located under "system Settings". Run the menu item "system Information" and verify the version of your installed program firmware.
If your device does not support Russian language of the interface, then open the console menu item System Settings. Go to System Information, which contains data about installed software configuration. In the System Software carefully, because there will be information about the version installed in your device program firmware.
If you reflash device Sony PlayStation Portable, examine information about the system, first in the same menu, which usually viewed similar information in the normal versions of the firmware consoles. If under "system Information" (System Software) will not contain relevant data, or they will be incorrect, it is best to reinstall the firmware in your console, using the official versions that can be gotten at the following sites:,, and so on. After you reinstall check to see if the version in the menu.
If you want to know the version of your firmware in the case when it is not displayed in the system data about the software console Sony PlayStation Portable, to browse files on your computer that you used in the process of refirmware. Also downloads make sure the site you downloaded the firmware, and view data on it, opening it again in your browser.