When choosing a suit for training, consider a few criteria. Clothing should be light so that no movement you were a bit cold. It encourages you not to make long breaks between classes. However, understand that this is a fitness club and you all will be hot. So you have to be dressed. Do not take the training too short shorts and tops. The more that such clothing will expose all the flaws of your figure. Try to choose clothes made of natural fabrics. In it you'll be less sweat and feel discomfort during exercise. When buying a suit, consider whether it will be convenient. Sit, walk, if you are performing basic exercises, you will feel a little weird, something about the exercise in these clothes cannot be considered.
If you want to look good even in gym class, you'd better buy a suit of one company than to pick apart the pants, jacket and t-shirt. But do not chase prices and brands. In the gym, hardly anyone would pay attention to it, and you will have to work out and not worry about what can stain or ruin expensive things. Sneakers better to buy in the sports shop. There is a special line of shoes for training.
If you are waiting for exercise to reduce weight or bikes, then you can buy fingerless gloves. This will help you avoid blisters. Prefer gloves made of leather. Although the appearance of clothing for fitnessand has no special meaning, always keep. If the style of your suit may not notice the unpleasant smell will definitely draw attention to themselves.