Young Taureans fall in love long before you see the real object of their love. They dream about this feeling, and thus prepare all your being to the moment of gaining this happiness.
Perhaps that is why they need some time for preparations to move from the world of your dreams into reality and understand that a real person, though different from the ideal, but that doesn't make it less beautiful. Taurus will long look to the object of sympathy, to assess whether his chosen people, to listen to their feelings.
The focus of the Taurus, most likely, will be nature sensitive, but even-tempered, able to control their emotions. Irrespective of the gender of the representatives of this sign fall in love with people, able to create a cozy, secure family nest and do not lose interest in the partner because of the habit and bored with a common life.
If the object corresponding to these requirements is found, a Taurus every day will strengthen your relationship with him. After having fallen in love once, he is unlikely to "change their minds" after a few months - this sign is constant in love.
Because Calves are very attached to the one you love, they will seek to spend more time with that person. So they will gradually become habitual, an integral part of his environment. They will be interested in everything that is connected with the object of passion, to listen to his words, interested in his opinion on any issue.
Deciding to move into an active attack, in love with Taurus bestow unremitting care, affection, attention. It will make compliments, praising everything from the mental qualities to a beautiful pair of shoes.
He will achieve goals systematically and relentlessly. To see that the second half of happy Taurus will actively solve its problems, and the lack thereof, to bestow gifts on different scales. Prudent and sober-minded, Taureans can surrender to passion when in love.
Such a partner will grow love in all its forms and to strengthen your relationship daily. His feelings only get stronger. The only thing Taurus will not tolerate rivalry. It is no one will share the attention of a loved one and will not tolerate cheating.