You will need
  • - passport;
  • - direction;
  • - extract from the map.
If your disease belongs to the list set forth in the above ruling, please refer to the district physician, to pass all necessary examinations to obtain a medical history and direction to the regional Bureau of medical-social expert Commission.
All tests and examinations should be current. Only accepted analyses with a term of not more than 14 days. The doctor will enter all the results and prepare the card that you will receive disability.
The resulting direction of assure from the head physician clinics. If you all the tests pass in the hospital for the reason that are unable to move independently and examined in the outpatient setting, the medical history and the direction will be discharged the head physician of the hospital, will put the stamp of a medical institution.
Write a statement on the passage of the Commission. If you are unable to write their own, to do it for you may a notary Trustee. To issue the power of attorney, and take her to the hospital notary, present your passport and the passport of the authorized person.
Medico-social expert Commission will review your medical history, medical examination and submitted a medical conclusion. On the basis of these data you will determine the group of disability, which may be issued permanently or temporarily with repeated medical examinations.
If the Commission has determined that your illness is directly related to the list, which is issued termless disability group, you will get disability, which does not need to undergo re-medical examination in one or two years.