Declaration (from the Latin declaration "statement") is the official (documentary) the announcement of a private or legal entity or state. Distinguish between economic and legal Declaration. Economic Declaration are a statement of income, property, goods, smuggled across the border, etc. for Example, customs, tax, property Declaration. The person filing the Declaration is called the declarant.
Legal Declaration – the official document, which contains the main principles of domestic or foreign policy of a state or organization or of the rights and freedoms of the individual. For example, the Declaration of independence, universal Declaration of human rights, etc.
Economic return is filed to the relevant authorities for the calculation of the fee or tax. Customs Declaration is a statement of goods transported across the border, which are subject to export duties. The application should be made in the form of a questionnaire and can be written in the language adopted in the customs point, the most common is English. After filing, the declarant is obliged to present these products at the request of customs officers to perform customs duties.
Tax Declaration – a statement of income received over a certain period, which is submitted to the tax office. On the basis of the Declaration according to the current tax rate is charged a tax that is required to pay the taxpayer. However, organizations are required to file a tax return even if no income, and private entrepreneurs (notaries, lawyers, Tutors, etc.) in the presence of income.
Property declarations the tax Declaration of the property subject to taxation. The statement also served in the tax office.
The legal Declaration was adopted by popular vote and signed by the parties. The global Declaration can be considered as the Universal Declaration of human rights, which was adopted by a vote of 48 countries. The Declaration of independence are taken in each independent state, and are a fundamental part of the Constitution. This documentary is a political statement was adopted by the main organ, for example, the U.S. Declaration of independence was adopted by vote among members of Congress.
Other well-known legal declarations:• Declaration on environment and development in Rio de Janeiro contains the main principles of environmental protection and environmental management measures;• Declaration of the UN on sexual orientation is a variation of the Declaration on the rights of the patient concerning his gender identity.