You will need
  • - text editor Microsoft Word;
  • - methodical instructions.
For each table in the text, make a reference (link), with a brief clarification about the contents. For example, write: "consumption of components on the units presented in table 1.2". The table itself place directly after the text in which it is mentioned or on the next page.
Assign each table a unique number and title, the numbering may be through (for the whole diploma, for example, "table 8") or sections (for each section separate, in this case, before the number of the table specify the section, for example, "table 3.4"). For the tables shown in the Annex, the room must be specified in the designation application, for example, "table A. 2".
The word "table" always write in full, no abbreviations. After the number with a hyphen, place the name of the table, a point in the end is not put, for example "table 2 – Income of the firm." Header place to the left above the table on a single line, without indentation.
If you need to move some tables to another page, the heading, write only on the first part and on other parts specify only the number, for example, "the Continuation of table 2". The bottom horizontal line under the first part of while not spend. If the columns go beyond the page border, then in the second part repeat sideways, and if you go out of the line – the head of the table. You can also not rewrite the names of the columns or rows, and replace them with the corresponding number. In this number the first row or column of the first part of the table.
The row and column headers, as well as independent sub-headings, write in the singular and with a capital letter. If the subtitles are a continuation of the headers, begin them with a lowercase letter. All records must be parallel lines, if necessary, write the names of the columns perpendicular.
The head of the table separate horizontal line, and the line can not be separated, if it does not interfere with use of the table.