Make a collection of your own. Collect all the texts, edit them, check to see if there are any mistakes and typos.
Select the size of the book. If you have a standard printer, you can print it in A4 format or A5. In accordance with these parameters svarstyti page. In the first case, place the sheets vertically and the second horizontally.
Define the font size (preferably not less than 12 PT.), leave the default margins from the edge of the page and the spaces between the parts of the text. Insert the page numbers.
Print book. Make a cover out of cardboard and twist. Diagram of manual bindings you can find on the Internet. In this way it is convenient to do a few gift copies of for friends.
If you need circulation, tens or hundreds, some tasks and let the professionals. Refer to the printer and find out how much it will cost hardcover book. Separately stipulate the minimum circulation. Please specify in what format you need to impose and print the pages. Your presets will shaltout, cut it, make a cover and bind. Such books cannot be sold unless you have a license.
To release a full collection, approved for sale, use the services of the publisher. There can print the book for free or at your expense. Send your works to the email addresses of the publishers. If they deem him talented, venture – profitable, you do not pay for the circulation of the penny. Otherwise, offer cooperation at your expense.
Find out the requirements for the design of the manuscript, which will need to pass in electronic form. Provide it on disk, flash drive or via e-mail. Stipulate all the conditions of publication of the collection and sign the contract with the publisher.
Your text will be editing and proof-reading test, all significant changes will be agreed with you. If necessary, the book will provide illustrations and internally (from an employee of the publishing house) or external (by independent expert) review. During the preparation of the book for release you have the right to participate in making decisions about its design. Ready edition, the publisher implements on its own or will give in the book-selling company.
Do not expect that the collection will be published instantly. Large publishing houses make up the production plan for the year ahead so you may have to wait your turn.