Find multiple listings of cars of the desired brand. Use the services,, Most of the proposals on the transactions with the cars posted on these free sites. Their offices exist in almost all Russian regions, which makes it easy to find the right vehicle not far from home. Hammer in the search bar the make, year, mileage and portal will give you a list of matching message parameters.
Call specified in the ad phones. Ask whether the owner is on hand all the documents necessary for registration of the transaction on purchase of the car. Is:- vehicle passport (PTS) with data about the car and its previous owners;- certificate of vehicle registration;- notarized power of attorney in the event that the seller is not the owner. There should be written that this man can represent the interests of the owner in the Commission of registration actions, issued in the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation (№ 488 dated 04 June 2007). Will need a copy of the original;- passport or identity card of the officer with the help of F7; receipt, which indicates that the state fee for the removal of the car with registration paid.Without a set of these securities to put the car on accounting in traffic police at the place of registration is extremely problematic.
Make an appointment with several owners of cars to see the maximum number of suitable cars in one day. Go to another city, taking with him a passport, driving license and the required amount of money.
Selecting the appropriate option, make a diagnosis of the vehicle. It will help employees of any surrounding car service. For a small fee they will inspect the car and tell whether he was in the accident, did the details in it, etc.
If the vehicle is right, go in the organization, authorized to execute the transaction. The list of addresses and phone numbers can be found on the stand in the territorial Department of the traffic police. There will prepare a contract of purchase and sale, which will need to show when the car statement on the account.
Then pay off with the seller and go to his hometown. There put the car on the account in division of traffic police at the place of registration.