Pre-assemble a bag with the necessary for the extract things separately for yourself and for the baby. Men usually do not know that you may need, and the phone may not understand what you are asking. In the first pack, pack your things. Put set underwear: panties, bra, tights (if cold). Pants or skirt is free size with elastic, because you don't know how to get thin again after giving birth. In summer it is better to put free crease-resistant dress. Don't forget the shoes, which put in a separate package. Collect the purse. And although you won't have much time to thoroughly make-up, paint eyes and eyelashes you have time. Things for the baby collect based on what you choose to dress up in an envelope or overalls (the suit). If you wrap the baby in an envelope, don't forget to put 3 meters of nylon or silk ribbon for the bow. You also need a wool blanket with duvet cover, if it's cold outside. If the weather allows, limit two diapers. Put area with embroidery, two cap, socks or booties and a warm hat as needed. Need two flannel and two cotton vests. By the way, sold special sets to extract, which have all these necessary items. If you are going to put the baby in a special jumpsuit, or just wear a suit, take is clothes a slip or bodysuit. For all the options you need two diaper – one spare for "freelance" situation.