The confrontation between fathers and children is known since ancient times. Extreme forms result in a difficult situation, namely, leaving home the baby. It happens that this occurs on the initiative of parents. Actions in such cases must be taken immediately.

Often such situation occur in families where children are in their Teens. In this case, the child needs to think, whether the cause of the scandal. Boyish, rude and not quite adequate behavior can bring parents to extreme desperation, and the heat of the moment they decide to expel the child. Teenager should temper his zeal and resentment. 15 - 16 years a go you still have nowhere to run too nowhere. The first is to apologize to the parents. Talk heart to heart, will solve your problem at least partially. The scandal due to lack of pocket money is not worth the destruction of the family and their lives.

The situation is different if the perpetrators become parents. No grown man will decide to put their child out the door without good reason. If the child is certainly not the instigator of the scandal and does not behave selfishly, then the step parent should serve as a reason for seeking the guardianship. Especially if the situation is repeated not for the first time.

Practical advice in a situation when you were on the street without money and a place to sleep, may be the following: go to the next of kin. Grandmothers, aunts, cousins, sisters and brothers - all of them, regardless of previous relationships, become your friends and helpers. Friends you can also spend the night, but it is unlikely you will be able to live with them for more than a few days.

Most likely, your first night away from home parents will understand the haste of the decision and will find a way to bring you back. If not, will have to act independently. As mentioned above, you can contact the guardianship (if you are under 18). If you spelled out in the house from which you were expelled, contact the police. With representatives of the authorities, you will return to your rightful home, regardless of the wishes of the parents.

In any situation it is better to seek reconciliation.