Turn on your phone and enter the security PIN code to activate the SIM card of the mobile operator. With the exception of cases when this function code request is disabled by the user. If three times was entered incorrectly in the numbers, the phone automatically locks the SIM card. In this case you can install additional phone PIN2, which will be more memorable than the first. However, if it is missing or has not been installed, unblock the SIM card only with the PUK code.
Find your PUK code on the box, which sold the SIM card. As a rule, it is written near the PIN-code consists of 8 digits. If you have lost the packaging and have not saved these codes in a different way, you can try to contact support at your mobile operator.
Explain your problem and ask them to recover your PUK code. While you will likely be asked to come to the nearest branch of the operator with the passport and identification number. In order to avoid this cumbersome procedure, it is possible to register a mobile phone operator, a voice code. Currently, many cell companies use this method of identification of the subscriber.
Enter the PUK code into the window, unlock the SIM card, and then click OK. If you input the wrong numbers, double-check their order. To set this code provides 10 attempts. If all 10 times was typed wrong PUK code, the card is blocked completely.
Install a new PIN after entering PUK code, and then click OK, then confirm the operation. In the result, the SIM card will be unlocked. Also some SIM cards have a PUK2-code, which is designed to unlock a certain phone functions and mobile operator if you enter the wrong PIN2 code. If you have the code, it is advisable to read the instructions for its application, which is fitted with a SIM card.