You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
To know the phone number of a stationary camera, knowing only his surname, name and middle name or the exact address, please contact the special help Desk in your city. The number referral service you can visit the official website supports you phone company. By calling this number, find the information you need. Provide to identify the exact address or the name and initials of the subscriber.
Take advantage of our special help resources to find information about the phone number of the subscriber, living in Kazakhstan, for example,,, or find information on any other similar website. Please note - the data in the databases may not be relevant at the time of your access. Also provided at the place of residence rather than actual residence.
Look at the point of sale CD-ROM database of your city. Most of these can be found on different markets. This is the least reliable method, because the disks may contain viruses. Best insert them into the drive of your computer when the antivirus. The search is usually performed by query name or the street name of the subscriber. Please note that these databases are usually only separately.
If you need to know the name and initials or the address of a subscriber's local telephone network, operate similarly. Most databases have search based on different criteria, as the query can be executed by phone number.
Be careful - when you search online, never leave your mobile phone number, send SMS messages to confirm the receipt of services. Most likely, this trick Scam.