Contact any Department of traffic police in order to find out all the penalties to bepaid by you in the last 12 months, repaid. Be sure to bring the receipt. confirming the payment, because neither the technical nor the human factor has not been canceled.
Always check whether the fines are repaid, you will be able and online. Go to the website fill out the form (name, passport number, VAT number and social security number) and sign up. Leave your home address or email address to get a key to activate their Personal account. After 2 weeks you will receive a key and putting it and also the password that you entered during registration in the relevant fields will be able to view by selecting the appropriate link, whether you paid the fines repaid.
You can use the services of other sites: (official website of the traffic police), (not for all regions). Select your region, enter the required information and receive information on fines.
Check whether you have paid the fines by sending a paid SMS to a short number 9112 (for any operator) with the text: the traffic police No. TA WU. You will receive a message, which will contain information about unpaid fines. View receipts, whether it is true.
If you are sure that you have paid a particular fine, and I can confirm it is documented (receipts, Bank statements) and the database contains completely different information, you will have to apply to any branch of the traffic police and ask them to adjust information about your debts. To do this you need to write a letter and attach certified copies of the documents confirming the fact of payment.