Install the reason of weak signal. If you are a subscriber of cable TV (problems with signal strength here are rare), first of all, check the integrity of the cable. Perhaps its somewhere twisted, passing. This could disrupt the signal.
To solve this problem you can either contact the company whose party you are. Need to cut out the damaged area of the cable and solder the adapter to re-connect. After performing all these manipulations will be no need for signal amplification.
Follow the same steps if you use receiver of a satellite dish or a conventional TV antenna. The signal may be weak due to the fact that you have installed the device, ignoring the simple rules outlined in the instructions. Have in mind that the antenna you need to install on the side of the house where there are no significant impediments to receiving a signal. This can be a big tree, tall building or some other large object. If the antenna is installed correctly, check the wiring. Perhaps this is the reason. Eliminating connection problems, you can boost the signal.
Buy a more powerful receiver. This device can amplify the signal for TV. Plug it in, following the rules outlined in the instructions for the installation and operation of the device, or refer to the appropriate specialist. The receiver is an integral part of a network of satellite dishes. It depends on the number of channels and the clarity of their reception. Even if you have a heavy duty antenna, but a low-quality receiver, this can greatly affect the quality of the received signal. If it comes to ordinary TV antenna, try to choose the optimal direction of capture signal. This will solve the problem of the quality of transmission.